Wine Tasting Tips


Have you always wanted to learn how to taste and evaluate wine like a pro? Get started by trying our 5 simple tips below.

1. Look at the wine, especially around the edges.

Tilting the glass a bit can make it easier to see the way the color changes from the center to the edges. Holding it up to the light is another good way to make out the wine’s true color and clarity.

2. Swirl the wine in your glass.

Swirling the glass increases the surface area of the wine by spreading it over the inside of the glass to allow hidden aromas to escape and reach your nose. It also allows some oxygen into the wine, which will open up the aromas.

3. Smell it.

Hold the glass a few inches from your nose and take a whiff. What do you smell?

4. Take a sip of wine.

Now we’re at the fun part. But first, before you swallow, roll the wine around in your mouth exposing it to all of your taste buds until it warms to body temperature. Look for sweet, sour, salty, fruit notes, bitterness and umami (pleasant, savory). Pay attention to the texture and other tactile sensations such as an apparent sense of weight or body.



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