Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Alcohol Edition

Let’s face it – fathers are difficult to shop for. Despite what your father says, there are only so many power tools that can fit in the garage or ties that can be stuffed in the drawer. This year, we recommend giving your Dad something a little more spirited. Check out our short list of top-notch Father’s Day gifts.

Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal


If your father is a fan of tequila, then he will surely appreciate mezcal. The mother of tequila, mezcal is a spirit made from the Mexican maguey plant. Del Maguey Single Village Mezcals are created in extremely small quantities following traditional production methods developed before the 16th century. The result is a spirit that is smoky, earthy, and stunningly complex.

Highland Park 12 Year Single Malt Scotch Whiskey  


A great bottle of scotch is always a fine, traditional choice. First introduced in 1979, the 12 year old is at the very heart of Highland Park’s core range and demonstrates rich, well balanced malty tones, with a subtle floral smoke.

Kings County Distillery Gift Set


Kings County produces three great award-winning products in their Moonshine, Bourbon, and Chocolate Whiskey. The accolades come as no surprise as Kings County is New York’s oldest operating whiskey distiller and the first distillery in New York City since prohibition.

Roca Patron Tequila Reposado


When it comes to premium tequila, there’s no brand more dominant than Patron. Recently, Patron introduced Roca Patron, an artisanal version of the tequila classic that is produced with tahona, a giant two-ton stone wheel hand-carved from volcanic rock. Aged 5 months, the Reposado has a silky body with hints of American oak, vanilla, ginger and caramel that Dad is sure to love.

Duckhorn Merlot

Duckhorn. 049

Duckhorn. 049

If your pops is like us, he appreciates a great bottle of high-quality Merlot. With seven estate vineyards, Duckhorn focuses on crafting bottles of high-quality Merlot that exudes softness and juicy, dark fruit flavors.

True Fabrications Glacier Rocks


Crafted from high-quality soapstone, these rocks will keep your Dad’s favorite drink cool without diluting any of the flavor. The best part is the rocks do not scratch glassware nor alter the flavor at all!


Of course, you can find all of these suggestions and more in our store. Stop by or shop online!



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