Top Holiday Picks

Top Holiday Picks

Here are our top picks for the perfect gift or addition for your holiday party. From now until December 31st, all wine and spirits over $100 are 10% off.

The Dalmore Scotch Whiskey 18 Year – $169.99


Dalmore is as rich, fruity, and spicy that has been aged for 14 years in American oak, followed by three years in Matusalem sherry butts, before a final year in sherry butts.

Gran Patron Platinum – $208.00


Gran Patron Platinum is triple distilled and oak rested for a smooth and full-bodied flavor.With an aroma of fresh agave, citrus, and fruit, this tequila has an extremely smooth taste of citrus fruit with a long-lasting black pepper finish.

Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon – $299


The oldest bourbon ever produced in Texas, Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon has a bright mahogany color and aroma of burnt sugar, caramel, and baking spices. The palate is filled with warm notes of peach cobbler, vanilla extract, and roasted nuts, and leads to a smooth finish accented by pipe tobacco, cornbread, and melted butter.

Hakushu 18 Years – $349.99


Hakushu has orange, pear, and a dry smokiness on the nose, with a sweet palate that finishes long and fruity with Manuka honey and subtle smokiness.

Johnnie Walker Scotch Whiskey – $71.99 – $239.99

johnnie walker mix

Founded in 1820, Johnnie Walker Scotch Whiskey is one of the most popular whiskeys in the world. Enjoy a multitude of ways – straight, on the rocks, with a bit of water, ginger ale, or club soda, or in a cocktail. You can find Green Label, Gold Label Reserve, Platinum, and Blue Label.

The Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 21 Year – $244.99


The flagship single malt of Balvenie’s Portwood whiskies. It is delicate on the palate with red fruit, raisins, white grape, and a very floral honey. The finish is cocoa, and slightly bitter as it tails away gracefully.

Don Julio 1942 – $159.99


Aged for a minimum of two and a half years in American white-oak barrels, Tequila Don Julio 1942 is a tequila that pays tribute to the year that Don Julio Gonzalez began his tequila-making journey. Brilliant golden hue in color, has a silky smooth body of roasted agave and vanilla flavors, sun-ripened tropical fruit, and spiced undertones.

The Macallan 17 Year Fine Oak – $249.99


The luscious Speyside bouquet offers layers of aromas that include smoke, wood, touches of palm oil, browned butter, vanilla bean, and pork rind. The palate entry is rich, bittersweet, caramel-like, and creamy; midpalate the taste turns sweeter, nuttier, and more fudge-like. Finishes elegantly, yet very focused, and integrated.

You can find all of these and more online. Unsure of what to pick? Give us a call at 212-213-2288 or stop by the store.

Happy Holidays!


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